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Storms make trees
take deeper roots

We all weather difficult times. Sometimes we need help to understand how to use those difficult times as an opportunity to emerge stronger and more rooted. I’m here to help.


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We’re all on a path in life. Challenges are opportunities for transformative growth. I would be honoured to be a part of your journey.

Healthy Relationships

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I am here to help you along your self-transformation journey. Together we will help you to achieve your goals and transition from feeling stuck to empowered.


Together we will shifts your focus from relationship challenges to opportunities, and we will foster improved communication, intimacy, and connection.

Group Programs

Come together with like-minded people to learn how to build the intimate, connected relationship you’re seeking, or to move through the pain of relationship endings.

Let The Healing Begin

Meet Ellen Feldman

There is something magical that happens when we feel truly heard, truly seen, and truly free to be our full and honest selves. That is what I seek to give my clients. It is within the context of that kind of relationship that transformative healing and growth can take place. I invite my clients into a cocoon of unconditional support and acceptance that allows them to find their voice and move toward a place of inner peace, acceptance, and change.


Whether individual, couples, or group therapy is right for you​, there is a path forward that can help you to achieve the changes you’re seeking in your life. Click below to learn more about each – or feel free to reach out and book a 15-minute consultation and we can talk it through together.

I identify as LGBTQ. Will therapy with you provide a safe space for me?
Absolutely! I am an LGBTQ ally that offers a sex-positive, inclusive and non-judgmental therapeutic space. I previously worked on the LGBTQ mental health team as a community agency in Toronto, and a large segment of my current private practice identifies as LGBTQ. I have experience working with clients who are in the process of transitioning, as well as clients who identify as non-binary. I have extensive experience working with clients who have experienced systemic oppression as well as microaggressions, bullying, who are either considering coming out or who carry scars from their coming out experience, who are living with HIV, whose current sexual experience is tied to substance abuse, and who are striving to find their true voice and own their whole identity.
Where does therapy take place?
Therapy takes place in my therapy space close to St. Clair West and Bathurst, which is easily TTC accessible.

I also offer counselling over the phone or by video conference, which can be highly effective therapeutic methods.

On rare occasions, I also do in-home counselling for clients on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee when there is a strong reason to do so. I highly encourage clients to step outside of their personal space for therapy when possible.

How long does a session take?
Most clients find that one hour is the right amount of time for a therapy session for them. Sometimes clients find that 90-minutes gives them more space to explore their feelings and thoughts, as well as to draw on meditation and reiki energy work. Together we can explore what session length works best for you.
Do you do counselling over the phone or by video conference?
I have several clients who live outside of Toronto and I counsel them over the phone or by video conference. These methods of counselling can be highly effective.

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Thinking of making a positive change in your life? Contact me to book a therapy session or for a free 15-minute consultation

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