Group Programs

Release & Renew Workshop

The Release and Renew Workshop is about shedding the stories we tell ourselves that keep us bound by artificial limits. This workshop is for you if you find that you’re moving through life feeling like you can never quite meet the standards you set for yourself. It’s for you if you feel like you’re always holding your breath, always telling yourself that you’ll relax and be happy and satisfied one day. It’s for you if you want to take a step toward releasing anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, regret, or anything else that’s holding you back from living your best life. I invite you to join us for a day will help you to renew a sense of inner- peace and calm. Register now for details of upcoming Release and Renew Workshops.

Post-Partum Group

There is something incredibly powerful about women joining together to heal, which is why I also offer support to postpartum women in a small group setting. The mutual validation and support that emerges in these groups is reassuring and incredibly powerful.

My post-partum support groups are designed to provide a safe space to speak your truth and provide a range of coping skills as we delve deep into some of the issues that may be informing your experience – and heal them from their roots.

The content of each group will be tailored to the unique needs on the participants, but some of the issues we may explore in the group include:

  • The role that your relationship with your own mother or other significant women in your life plays in shaping your expectations of motherhood and of yourself as a mother
  • Relational challenges that arise during pregnancy and post-partum, and how these experiences may trigger historical abandonment/attachment issues
  • The ongoing effects of trauma and pain from the past on your relationship with motherhood, including feelings of guilt, shame, and fear that are magnified during and following pregnancy
  • The grief that accompanies a birth or fertility/pregnancy experience that doesn’t unfold in accordance with their plan or expectations
  • Cultural factors that influence their expectations of themselves as a mother

Contact me for further details about the dates and details of upcoming Post-Partum Therapy Groups.

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