Individual Therapy

Sometimes people seek out therapy for a clear and specific reason, while others feel ‘off’ or lost but can’t put their finger on why. I’m here to help, whether you have a clear reason for coming to therapy, are seeking to make a change in your life, or simply feel the need to talk.

If you’ve never been to therapy, you may be wondering what it can do for you. The potential benefits are vast and profound. Working with me on an individual basis can help you:

  • Put words to what you’ve been going through
  • Feel heard and reassured that your experience is normal
  • Discover a way forward when you’re experiencing some kind of block
  • Make sense of your life experiences
  • See things in a way that’s more compatible with the life you want to live
  • Feel hopeful, maybe for the first time in a long time
  • Develop your arsenal of coping strategies
  • Discern patterns that have played out in your life and begin shifting those patterns
  • Heal deep wounds that you might have thought couldn’t be healed, or that you closed your eyes to long ago
  • Live your best life
The following is a sample of just some of the issues I’m experienced at working with:

Low self-confidence

Destructive patterns in relationships



Trauma, including childhood abuse

Body image issues

Addiction (substance and behavioural)

If you’re struggling with an addiction or compulsive behaviour, I’m here to help. Having an addiction can feel like being trapped in a prison, and it’s essential to have a steady, compassionate, and non-judgmental person to help you find your path out of that suffering.

I strongly believe that beneath every addiction is a foundation of pain that manifests in addictive behaviour in a largely subconscious attempt to numb the pain, but addictions always only deepen a person’s suffering. I’m here to see your underlying pain and to help you give voice to it, as a pathway to freeing you from your pain and your addiction.

I’m experienced at working with a broad range of addictions and compulsive behaviours, including alcohol, drugs, sex, food, and others.

Please reach out to discuss how I can help you to address an addiction or compulsive behaviour that’s causing you distress.

Pre- and post-partum challenges

Struggles regarding motherhood and parenting, including:

  • Guilt over hating aspects of motherhood, while loving others,
  • Body image and self-esteem issues,
  • Extreme exhaustion,
  • Social isolation,
  • Depression and anxiety that impede functioning
  • Relationship issues that become overwhelming as an expectant or new mother,
  • Previous trauma
  • Birth or fertility experience did not match their expectations, resulting in feelings of grief
  • Grief related to a miscarriage

Struggling as a new or expectant mom is incredibly common, but it is not inevitable. You do not need to, nor should you, continue to struggle alone. I’m here to help, whether through individual or group therapy.

LGBTQ-related concerns

If you identify as LGBTQ, it’s essential to find a therapeutic space that feels safe and comfortable for you. I’m an LGBTQ ally that offers a sex-positive, inclusive and non-judgmental counselling.

I previously worked on the LGBTQ mental health team as a community agency in Toronto, and a large segment of my current private practice identifies as LGBTQ. I have experience working with clients who are in the process of transitioning, as well as clients who identify as non-binary.

I also have extensive experience working with clients who have experienced the following issues:

  • systemic oppression as well as microaggressions,
  • bullying,
  • considering coming out or carrying scars from their coming out experience,
  • living with HIV,
  • sexuality that is tied to substance abuse,
  • striving to find their true voice and own their whole identity

Please reach out to discuss your unique needs for counselling.

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA)

Being in a car accident can have traumatic effects that often ripple across all areas of life. In addition to resulting in chronic pain, an MVA can result in profound psychological, emotional, social, and financial consequences. It can affect our closest relationships, undermine our optimism for the future, affect our satisfaction with life, and leave us questioning whether we’ll ever fully feel like ourselves again.

I understand these challenges, both because I’ve been through them myself, and because I’ve spent several years working in the MVA world, first as a lawyer and now as a psychotherapist.

I regularly conduct MVA assessments and design MVA psychological treatment plans under the supervision of a psychologist with over two decades of MVA experience. I provide therapy that will help you to develop effect coping strategies and address the effects of trauma, depression, and anxiety that you may be experiencing. I take a holistic approach to working with clients who have been in an MVA that considers the global effects the accident has had in your life, as well existing issues that the accident may have magnified.

Grief and loss

Dissatisfaction or conflict at work

Chronic pain


Sense of lack of purpose or direction

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