The time surrounding the birth of a baby is beautiful in so many ways – but it can also be incredibly difficult. If you’re experiencing deep sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame, fear, or other painful emotions, you are not alone.

Becoming a mother can generate powerful and sometimes overwhelming emotions, and trigger and magnify historical issues that you may not have even realized were present beneath the surface prior to pregnancy. This experience is common, but it’s not necessary to suffer through these difficult emotions. Therapy can help you to create change, shift your perspective, and heal.

I regularly work with pregnant women and new moms through individual therapy, which can be invaluable.

There is also something incredibly powerful about women joining together to heal, which is why I also offer support to postpartum women in a small group setting. The mutual validation and support that emerges in these groups is reassuring and incredibly powerful.

My post-partum support groups are designed to provide a safe space to speak your truth and provide a range of coping skills as we delve deep into some of the issues that may be informing your experience – and heal them from their roots.

The group is open to mothers – both new and not so new. If you feel that you are affected by post-partum challenges, I invite you to join our circle, even if your baby/child is older than a year. Babies are of course welcome to join as well, but I encourage you to come on your own if you’re able so you can focus on your own healing.

Please contact me for further details about upcoming therapy groups.

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